Metasploite-The Penetration Tester's Guide

What’s in the Book?

How can this book help you to get started or take your skills to the next level?
Each chapter is designed to build on the previous one and to help you build
your skills as a penetration tester from the ground up.

Chapter 1
                   “The Absolute Basics of Penetration Testing,” establishes the methodologies around penetration testing.

Chapter 2
                     “Metasploit Basics,” is your introduction to the various tools within the Metasploit Framework.

Chapter 3
                   “Intelligence Gathering,” shows you ways to leverage Metasploit in the reconnaissance phase of a penetration test.

Chapter 4
                      “Vulnerability Scanning,” walks you through identifying vulnerabilities and leveraging vulnerability scanning technology.

Chapter 5
                     “The Joy of Exploitation,” throws you into exploitation.

Chapter 6
                   “Meterpreter,” walks you through the Swiss Army knife of post-exploitation: Meterpreter.

Chapter 7
                   “Avoiding Detection,” focuses on the underlying concepts of antivirus evasion techniques.

Chapter 8
                  “Exploitation Using Client-Side Attacks,” covers client-side exploitation and browser bugs.

Chapter 9
                  “Metasploit Auxiliary Modules,” walks you through auxiliary modules.

Chapter 10
                     “The Social-Engineer Toolkit,” is your guide to leveraging the Social-Engineer Toolkit in social-engineering attacks.

Chapter 11
                       “Fast-Track,” offers a complete rundown on Fast-Track, an automated penetration testing framework.

Chapter 12
                     “Karmetasploit,” shows you how to leverage Karmetasploit for wireless attacks.

Chapter 13
                      Building Your Own Modules” teaches you how to build your own exploitation module.

Chapter 14
                     “Creating Your Own Exploits,” covers fuzzing and creating exploit modules out of buffer overflows.

Chapter 15
                     “Porting Exploits to the Metasploit Framework,” is an in-depth look at how to port existing exploits into a Metasploit-based module.

Chapter 16
                      “Meterpreter Scripting,” shows you how to create your own Meterpreter scripts.

Chapter 17
                      “Simulated Penetration Test,” pulls everything together as it walks you through a simulated penetration test.

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